Italian Filippo Ganna covered 56.972km in an hour and set a new hour record

On Saturday, at Tissot velodrome in Grenchen, Switzerland, Italian cyclist Filippo Ganna, who plays for Ineos Grenadiers, set a new hour record by covering 56.792km in an hour.

In August, team Ineos Daniel Bigham set an hour record, and now Filippo bettered it by 1.244km. Filippo also beat Chris Boardman’s record, which was 56.375km in 1996. This performance had been unbeaten since 1996 because he had used Superman-style handlebars, and then International Cycling Union also tightened the rules.

After beating the record, Filippo said I had put so much work into it, and to arrive at this amazing goal is fantastic for me and for all the staff who have worked for a long time to get to this mark. Moreover, he said I lost energy to try to go for 57 km, but nothing in the legs. It’s OK, he said.

Boardman congratulated Filippo on his new record through a tweet in which he said congratulations Filippo, have not watched one in a quarter of a century, glad I tuned in, a beautiful thing to witness.

Filippo said to arrive at this amazing goal is fantastic for me. Moreover, he said next time, maybe, I will try in another part of the season with fresher legs, and we can go higher again. Now I am thinking about recovery and trying to celebrate together with everyone here, Filippo said.

Daniel Bigham said A massive kudos to Filippo for that historic ride, and I know the commitment, determination, and work that’s needed to put in a performance like that. Moreover, he said It was fantastic that this ambitious project came together on the night, and having my record beaten by Filippo was always part of the plan.

It’s great to have such a deserving teammate as the new record holder, Bigham said.

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